Moving Checklist

Moving to Calgary? Don’t forget your moving checklist!

Moving is very exciting! However, because of all the excitement, homeowners tend to forget to organize and plan ahead… which results to huge amounts of stress during the actual move.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it on your own or if you’re going to hire a moving company to help you out, you can make moving day hassle-free if you follow a checklist and stay on a timeline.

As an experienced Calgary Realtor®, I can help! Here’s a guide to help you before moving to Calgary:

Look for a reliable moving company

Research moving companies and see if any are within your budget. Don’t forget to search for reviews about those companies to make sure they have a good track record. You can even ask friends or neighbours who have experience moving to Calgary if they have any recommendations. Know that most moving companies also offer a free estimate if you ask.

It is best to schedule your move on a weekday since holidays and weekends can book up fast. Chances are, you may even get a cheaper rate if you move on a less busy day.

1 Month Prior to Moving Day 

  • Time to de-clutter! Have a garage sale, donate items you are no longer using or don’t need in your new house. It will cost you money and time to move all of your belongings so it doesn’t make sense to keep things you won’t use.
  • Start finding and storing moving boxes. You may be able to get free boxes if you contact the manager of local grocery or retail stores. You will need packing tape, bubble wrap, tissue or newspaper to wrap breakable items. Start building up a stash now!
  • Go to the post office or go online to change your mailing address to your new address. Sometimes people send out a nice card to their friends and family notifying them of their new address.
  • If you are moving to Calgary from a long distance, make sure you get copies of your family’s medical and dental records to bring to your new doctor’s office.
  • If you have children make sure their records are sent to their new school.
  • Plan your trip, especially if your move will require visiting or staying with family or in a hotel.
  • Try to use up as much of your food in your fridge and pantry as most likely you will have to throw away any unused portion before you move.
  • If you have any hazardous materials at your house, make sure you dispose of them properly before you move.

2-4 Weeks Prior

  • Begin packing items that you do not use often, such as off season sporting equipment, holiday items, things in storage or the garage.
  • When boxing things up, be sure to write in large, clear text what room this box belongs in. This way when it is moved into the new house, you know what room it should go into before you open it. Also, it will make finding your items much simpler.
  • When packing expensive items, make sure you note their value in case they get damaged or lost during the move. Insurance will want this info.
  • Go online and update whatever records you can with your new address.
  • If you haven’t already, visit your local post office or go online to update them with your new mailing address.
  • Make sure all important companies and utilities have your new address such as: Your doctor/dentist, credit card companies, cable/Dish provider, Bank/investment companies, insurance companies, cell phone provider.

1 Week Prior

  • If you are using a moving company, you should confirm your reservations and what time they are arriving.
  • Have all your items packed in clearly labeled boxes.
  • If moving to Calgary from far away, make sure your car has been inspected and service if needed to make the drive.
  • Close charge accounts.
  • If you have pets, make sure you have arrangements made for how they will get to the new house or if they need to be watched/kenneled during the move.
  • Schedule your current utilities to be disconnected.

A Few Days Before

  • Double check with moving company about their arrival time and make sure they have your cell phone number and where they are going.
  • Disassemble any furniture if you are moving it on your own.
  • Make sure you have a travel bag ready of toiletries, clothes and medications.
  • Valuable stuff should travel with you in your car, including jewelry and passports. Make sure they are in a safe spot.

Moving Day

  • Write down all utility meter readings for both homes.
  • Make sure you are available to the movers when they are loading and unloading in case they have issues or questions.
  • Before the movers leave, check to make sure you received all your items and that they are in the same condition as before. If there are damaged items, make sure you complete all necessary paperwork.

Following these tips will make moving to Calgary a smoother and more enjoyable experience! Contact me, your Calgary REALTOR®, if you have any further questions!