Condos vs Houses Which Lifestyle is best for You?

There are numerous downtown Calgary condos for sale, as well as, Calgary inner city houses that your realtor can show you. However, before deciding what to invest in, it’s best to be certain which type of property suits you best.

Condos vs. Houses

Some people think the only difference between owning condos and houses is having a yard or not. But that’s not the only one. The difference is a condo includes shared walls, common areas, monthly fees, insurance and how it’s maintained.

Many people begin their search with a broad range of homes for sale in Calgary, but when affordability or lifestyle is a factor they may decide to adjust their search to condos, especially when they see the benefits condo living can offer. So when you’re presented with these two options, it’s best to list the pros and cons of each. Discover Your Ideal Lifestyle is a tool I’ve created for you to help determine how your home can accommodate your lifestyle, and then let’s talk and see if condo life is good for you.

What’s the difference between condo living and living in a house?

A house is perfect those who may want more private space. However, in many cases, people who only lived in houses may have never considered a downtown condo until after creating a pros and cons list and saw that maybe their needs are better suited with a condo!

If it’s private space you’re looking for, it should be noted that condos come in different styles—side by side, apartment-style or bungalows. A Calgary REALTOR® can explain the difference between each style and you’ll realize the condo living can give you the same privacy when you’re in a house. Moreover, living in a condo means less yard work or exterior maintenance. It is perfect for people who are seeking a simpler way of living.

In the end, it’s always the home buyer’s choice whether to purchase a downtown Calgary condo for sale or an inner city house. Both types of ownership are smart investments! Let’s have a look at the table below:

  • Houses usually come with a private yard, hence it offers more privacy.
  • Homeowners share a common area.
  • Exterior maintenance is homeowner’s responsibility.
  • Exterior maintenance is taken care of by the association and paid out of contribution fees.
  • Home improvement choices are made by the homeowner only.
  • Although homeowners typically have much freedom to do as they wish, they are more constrained by the condo rules as to how and what they can do as far as exterior and interior improvements.
  • No contribution fees.
  • Monthly condo dues usually cover the basic utilities and exterior maintenance and insurance.
  • All insurance policies are the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • Exterior insurance is covered by monthly dues, but homeowner is responsible for the insurance on their dwelling
  • As long as a homeowner is abiding by local laws, the homeowner has the freedom to govern their own homes as they wish.
  • There are certain things to be aware of in condos, such as pet restrictions, age restrictions, rental permissions, etc.

Affordable and low maintenance homes are in high demand. Many new condo complexes are being built every day. Be sure to determine if a condo might be a good fit for you before you look for homes for sale in Calgary.

Please contact me any time if you have questions about buying a house or condo. I’m happy to explain the differences between the two most popular styles of homes.

If you’ve decided that you want to buy a Calgary condo, I have a free Condo Checklist that you can use as your guide. Download the checklist here!