Condo owners – what your Calgary Realtor must tell you

If you’re buying a condo be sure your Calgary Realtor goes over all the details of the property.

One little item that may get missed, although very important, is the location of your parking stall.

When listing a condo for sale I go through, with my client, details of the dwelling, but also the location of all the amenities, storage and parking stalls – if applicable. This info is then relayed to the buyer’s Realtor for when they show the property.

Unfortunately this doesn’t always go as smoothly as we’d like. There have been many times that this info isn’t readily available when I show a condo. When buying a condo you really want all the details to make a good decision. Your Calgary Realtor should be able to get you the information you need in order to make a sound decision.

Have your Calgary Realtor help you find out all the details on your condo before you purchase

Check for parking location and size before buying a condo to make sure if fits your needs.

A condo I listed (in the attached photo) is a townhouse. The parking stall was right outside the patio – perfect for taking in your groceries or if you have mobility issues. The parking stall next to it is for a condo in the front of the complex. The owners of this condo have to go all the way around the building to the front to access their dwelling entrance. This would be a real challenge when there’s poor weather or late at night.

The same goes for underground parking. How far from the elevator do you want to haul your groceries and can you fit that Hummer in the stall? I know when I find out that the parking stall is close to the elevator or they get the extra large space, that alone is a selling feature!

Have your Calgary Realtor help you check all the details of your condo purchase, you don’t want any “surprises” on move in day.

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