Are Calgary downtown condos dog friendly?

Living in a Calgary downtown condo is a bit different than that of a single family home when buying in Calgary, and one of the differences is having a dog.

When living in a single family home you own the dwelling and the land and have very few restrictions. Although when you live in a condo there can be living restriction decided upon by the condo board. One of which is whether you can have a pet or not.Calgary downtown condos

While working with your real estate agent make sure he/she knows you have pets or have the intention of getting a pet, even the type and size is important. The reason is that all condo buildings have restrictions on these critters.

If you’re interested in a particular Calgary downtown condo building try to find out if there are any restrictions regarding pets. This can limit the size or type of the pet, how many you’re allowed, and also where they can go on the property. Some condo boards have restricted pets from being on the common area, in which case you’d have to carry your dog from your unit to the public area beyond the condo property.

NOTE: When visiting the property to view the unit don’t assume that because you see an owner with a dog, you can have one as well. The rules regarding pets can change and it could be the case that the pet you saw was “grandfathered” in as an exception. Always check the rules.

Once you find out that pets are allowed, you’ll need to contact the board to have your pet approved. This is to make sure you’re aware of the rules and to make sure your pet conforms to them. This is a detail you should have in as a condition of the contract to ensure that when you move in your pet is welcome as well.

If you have questions on what types of properties are most likely to be pet friendly, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


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