About Christine Hourd – Calgary’s Inner City Real Estate Specialist


Metro Calgary’s Community Choice for Best Realtor 2016

Years before becoming a Calgary Realtor®, I was 16, living in Anola, a small Manitoba town, and I was bound for New York to be a world famous artist. Instead of New York, I moved to Winnipeg and successfully secured a diploma in Marketing, a more conservative choice back then.

Years passed and after many rented apartments and a couple of cities, I planted my feet in Calgary in 1995. It was a great choice since I loved the mountains and the lay back personalities—and this is one city where cowboy boots are an acceptable part of business attire.

A couple of years in and I found myself married, and within six years had three amazing boys. During this time we sold our house and moved up to a larger one to accommodate our expanded family. Just as when you have your first child and other mothers pass on their horror stories to you, the same is true for home owners. Although, we sold our first house with a realtor, we decided to go all out for the fully stressful experience of doing it on our own…. yup, we purchased “For Sale By Owner” without a realtor to support us.

After the dust settled, I thought about the many stories from family and friends (and most willing-to-share strangers) and how terrible and stressful buying or selling their home was, as well as, my own experience. I concluded that buying and selling in Calgary should be a happy time with little stress, not a painful experience! So, I decided this is the career I want to be in – help people moving to Calgary to successfully find the best home for them. Whether it’s a Calgary inner city home or a Calgary downtown condo, my goal is to find the best match for their lifestyle–without pressure and strain of contracts, finances and anything else I heard in those stories.2016 Member Logo Seal - Grey on transparent background - Small

I’ve been a Calgary REALTOR® since July 1, 2009 and I love it! I’m always meeting new people and helping them with a very positive step in their lives. It also makes for a flexible schedule so that I can spend time with my boys and be an active member at their school and in the community.

At the end of the day though, I just like to relax with a glass of wine and enjoy a good book,ILHM_Member_PMS139_1187628351_2923 or dig in the garden… or paint my next world famous piece, among other things! If you’re looking for houses for sale, or buying a Calgary condo, we will assist you! Just give me a call at 403-400-5541 so we can discuss how I can help you.