7 reasons to protect yourself when buying a newly built home in Calgary

I was once told by this real estate agent that new home sales were easy, “I just sign in my client, leave my card and go. There’s no reason to be there, the sales people take care of everything.” I remember the words, although I can’t remember the agent – I wonder why?

That was some time ago, but I remembered those words because on the weekend, I received a really nice compliment from the Area Manager at Excel Homes. He pulled me aside while my cliecouple is considering future apartment designnt was out of the room and said how nice it was that I stayed the whole time with my client to help with questions, decisions and just being there as a support. He said real estate agents often don’t even come in the door with their client and just hand him their card.

Knowing this problem is more common than I thought, you, as a new home buyer, may want to know why you need a real estate agent to help you with your newly built home in Calgary. Whether it’s a downtown Calgary condo or single family home in the suburbs, here are 7 reasons to protect yourself by using a real estate agent:

  1. Your real estate agent is getting paid by the builder to bring a buyer to their new home sales office, so you should be utilizing their expertise and knowledge to make the right decision.
  2. The sales people at the show home office represent the builder–not you, so you need someone on your side to advise you on decisions.
  3. When looking at resale value, you’re agent will be able to tell you which view or location will maintain the best value for your Calgary condo.
  4. Builders offer many upgrades and you’ll need your agent to help determine which ones are worth the money and ones that you won’t get any return on.
  5. The area manager told me that he sees many first time home buyers and when he asks if they have any questions he’s baffled that they say no. So have your agent with you to ask questions you may not have thought of.
  6. Real estate agents work with contracts all the time. If there is something that I feel needs more explanation or is unusual then I know to ask and get clarification.
  7. Buying a new home is very exciting and it’s good to have an agent to help make sure that everything is running smoothly, including deadlines for financing, when money needs to be paid, and progress on your home.

Frankly, if your real estate agent leaves you with the builder’s sales person, they are getting paid for not working for you. Make sure you’re represented for your newly built home just as you would for resale home.

If you have any questions about buying a newly built home in Calgary please feel free to contact me. You can also connect with me on my Facebook Page where we have discussions on owning, selling and buying your home.

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